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Transparency for Employees is just as important as Transparency for Consumers.

"When we think about how people work, the naive intuition we have is that people are like rats in a maze" -Dan Airely In the last ten years it's become clear to larger companies and big brands that you

5 Small Things You Can Do to Help the Environment

For anyone who knows me, you'll have heard me making a bit of a racket lately about the environment. Until recently, I have always been focused on "success" and "making it" in the corporate world. So, understandably this has

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10 lessons learnt from my first freelance client, and why I love to fail.

I’ll never forget my first job as a freelance consultant. Back in 2016, I was in the midst of quitting my full-time job, to return to sunny Australia from grey and rainy England. In the excitement of finally working

How Starting a Business Is like Quitting Smoking

Over the years I have tried to quit smoking multiple times. It's not easy. Quitting smoking is not a pleasant experience for anyone, especially those who have to handle the quitter during the first few weeks.. The irritability, lack