Conversational Marketing : what is it and why do I need it ?

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You’re probably thinking “conversational marketing” sounds like another buzzword… Well, truth is — it’s not. It’s actually no where NEAR as popular as it should be considering the concept. What is it? Conversational marketing is about three main things: Start the conversation — starting REAL conversations with your customers and gaining genuine insight and feedback through those conversations. Find the

How Starting a Business Is like Quitting Smoking

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Over the years I have tried to quit smoking multiple times. It's not easy. Quitting smoking is not a pleasant experience for anyone, especially those who have to handle the quitter during the first few weeks.. The irritability, lack of focus and anger that overtook me about 2 days in, were in no way

4 Easy Steps to Improved Physical and Mental Strength

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Before the introduction of the internet, statistical information and scholarly opinions on maintaining physical and mental health were hidden in text books and encyclopaedias as complicated jargon that to anyone other than a qualified professional would look like gobbledygook. Now, with the popularity of blogging, and the democratisation of publishing content, we have the ability to

Heard about the brag culture? You can thank the social stream…

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To think... it was only 11 years ago that Facebook was created. Who would have thought that one social media platform could have such an incredible affect on the society in which we live. In 2011, 48% of 18-34 year olds were checking Facebook when they woke up. In October 2014 Facebook announced that 864 million people were logging on daily.

It’s all about Attention. Boring Meter is On.

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I've always wanted to improve my productivity, so I'm not just extremely busy all the time, but working productively and getting it done. I have tried for a long time to improve my Time Management skills, to deal with my productivity issues, but wondered why it wasn't working. I mean, I am extremely organised (annoyingly so), and

5 ways you can keep Focused and Stay Motivated

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Everyone has that one friend,  that one person on their Facebook or Instagram feed that posts nothing but motivational images and inspirational quotes on a daily (sometimes even hourly) basis. Telling you to be happy, to be positive, to remove yourself of negative thoughts so you are able reach your goals, and continuously repeating the