hire an award-winning writer

Miss Rachel Wastell is an award-winning writer with global experience in digital marketing and copywriting.

Three years in London helping B2C startups raise over £6.5million in capital, Rachel has worked with successful entrepreneurs and  learnt how to build a business from the ground up. In combining this experience with engaging, conversational copy and clever marketing automation, she delivers communications that convert users into loyal customers.

Rachel also has a knack for translating complicated subjects, particularly in the areas of finance, economics and politics. She is a strong environmental advocate, and is as passionate about the planet as she is about open education.

Writing professionally for almost ten years, Rachel’s work has been published across the Australian media landscape including the Australian Financial Review and The Guardian, and is a regular contributor to Business Insider and Lifehacker.

Currently, Rachel offers the following services:

  • Digital Copywriting – sales, marketing and website copy
  • Blogging – in line with your SEO keyword strategy
  • Conversational chatbotsclick here to see one in action
  • Social media – advertising copy and social strategy
  • Feature articles – exclusives only to pitch to national media

If you would like to engage and convert your customers online with clever copy, email hello@misswastell.com for a rate card.