Ever feel like you’re running on the business treadmill?

You’ve tried every trick in the book, but are still looking for that golden ticket?

Too often, people make the mistake of spending huge sums of money on marketing their business online without seeing any real results.

Doesn’t that frustrate you?

Here you are, busting your butt for your business. You work yourself to the bone, chasing leads and marketing your services 24/7. And yet, nothing happens. No clients, no income, no results.

What if I told you that conversational marketing can help you change all that?

You can get more clients AND save yourself time and money with these simple yet effective 4 Conversational Marketing hacks!

So what’s conversational marketing?

We live in a time where we spend 50minutes a day looking at Facebook, are shown over 5000 ads a day and the number of global social media users is over 3 billion. (Short attention span indeed! 😂)

Who has time for reading long and detailed messages?

Using short, fun + personable conversations, you’ll get noticed and gain valuable insight by actually LISTENING to your potential customer’s needs and wants.

In my opinion, this is the KEY to standing out of the crowd. Engage with your clients with a personable conversation and connect with them on a human level. Too often, we forget the human side to online business!

recycle your content

Nowadays, if your business can’t be found online, you’ll lose potential clients. Want to be searched online and seen often? Then you need to post relevant content regularly that helps you START THE CONVERSATION with your audience.

Now, you don’t always need to post original content, you should have a balance of original and re-posted content that is meaningful to your audience.

The key to creating continuous original content? RECYCLING!

Got a good blog post with at least 5 key points? Use each point in a post – linking back to the same blog!

Got a good video that’s over 1min long? Cut out 10-15 second snippets & repost them as individual pieces of content!

When it comes to finding the time to repost other’s content, the STRUGGLE is real.

This is where free social media management platforms like Buffer.com come in. Buffer can automatically post content on topics you choose, on your behalf, FREE! Just sign up, and choose the content categories that your audience is interested

save money on stock photos

Any small business owner will need to use stock photos in their social media marketing.

Instead of using amateur selfies and low quality photos, free stock photo websites like Unsplash and Pexels are great resources for beautiful photos.

To stand out from the crowd, high quality images are a must for your marketing strategy. Your social media content showcases your brand. So anything you do on the platform needs to look great.

copy and paste emojis

Now, let’s talk emojis. 🤘🏻I use Get Emoji for my website regularly to connect with my readers and potential clients.

So why should you do the same? Using it for your business keeps you personable and helps you connect with your audience.

Don’t overdo it though – use them to break up large chunks of text when creating conversational chatbots, or when writing facebook posts!

If you’re reading to jump in, then just  ✂️ Copy and 📋 Paste Emoji 👍 From Here NOW.

stop racking your brains for content

Tired of racking your brains for NEW content everyday?

It doesn’t have to be like this forever. You can outsource content creation to this free tool I use regularly that saves me HUGE amounts of time.

Portent Content Idea Generator is one of the best free resources you can use to create your online content, which includes blog posts and social media content. This is a great example of the benefits of using AI( artificial intelligence) with a little HI( human intelligence).

There are plenty of free and amazing conversational marketing hacks you can use to save yourself time, effort and money.

Using the right tools, you can run a successful business within a budget, attract the clients you desire AND deliver your unique value to the world.

Are there any other marketing hacks you think should have made this list?

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