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I have spent my entire life and professional career helping friends, family and colleagues find the right words. Whether it’s an awkward resignation letter, or trying to get out of a fine, I’ve written it all.

Called on for help in almost every company I’ve worked in. I’m often called “the fluffer” (no, not that kind of fluffer…) because I have a knack for transforming basic and sometimes harsh text into engaging and thoughtful copy.

Most useful in telling people to get f*!@ed in a very lovely way (officially known as dispute resolution) I work closely with CEOs, operations teams, customer service teams and sales professionals to create tailored responses. I’m not one to muck around, and I hate wasting time, so every response is written so it can be used as a template for similar situations in the future.

Whether it’s answering an awkward customer question when you’ve forgotten to include your T&Cs, telling a customer they’re not getting that refund or reinforcing a contractual obligation, I’ve got a way of using words as the mediator between you and your customers. The “fluff” is often the best way to convert a real p!ssed of customer, into a loyal one.

I prefer to work on a project basis, and will charge between $70-100/hr or 40-70c/word depending on the project.

For longer-term projects of up to 6-12 months or 5,000+ words, I’ happy to provide a competitive quote.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for strategic direction as well as creative copy, reach out so we can chat about whether I can help you 👇🏻

hello@misswastell.com | +61 412 686 458

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