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    5 star review  Thank you so much! I never thought to pitch myself like that but you have made me look at my experience in a whole new light! 5 star highly recommend.

    thumb Ruby Brohman

    5 star review  Miss Wastell has helped me organise my art cv into a well presented portfolio which has resulted in me becoming an apprentice at a successful tattoo studio in Sydney. She has also helped me plan a social media advertisement strategy as well as given me growth hacks for instagram. Thanks to her I have gained fantastic network growth for my business

    thumb Mitchell Wileman

    positive review  I did a Bot training night with the lovely Rachel on Tuesday evening, what a terrific night it was, Rachel is so full of energy & information which she is happy to share, it was run professionally and went very smoothly, we learnt how to make flow conversations on messenger & made an Ad which I have had new leads & two bookings for tomorrow from, I would highly recommend Rachel to help you with some innovative business ideas.

    thumb Sheryl Walker

In the digital world, attention is scarce.

You have <3 seconds to get the attention of your audience.

Whilst you scroll, what stands out more to you:

a) another ad from a local business telling you how amazing their products and services are

b) a fun Quiz to see which product/service is best for you from a local business you’re interested in

With Conversational Chatbots on Facebook & Instagram, you can engage your audience, find out which product/service is best suited to them, and stand out in a very crowded online marketplace.

Increase your conversion. Save Time. Have a little FUN




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