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    5 star review  If you are looking for that digital marketing expert that is more than just the ordinary, Rachel is the one. With a marketing degree, ample experience and many awards under her belt she has a serious track record that is so reassuring. What blew me away is how utterly likeable Rachel is whilst providing outstanding results and customer service, tailormade to boost MY business - not just your stock standard social media approach but cutting edge ideas and solutions. Get ready for a powerhouse professional that will bring you up to warp speed in no time! Best decision I have made this entire year to work with Rachel - worth every cent and more <3

    thumb Sabine Schroeder

    2-3 hour session with Miss Wastell and I'm now 100% confident with my digital marketing, looking forward to my next session ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    thumb Mia-Carla Barnett

    5 star review  If your business has stalled or you need a boost in your marketing or need a little direction, check Miss Wastell out. This lady puts a new take on conversation and marketing. Great listener, I mean she really listens. And marketing? Well, I thought I knew a thing or two about marketing, Rachael makes marketing come alive. Mind mapping? within half an hour she had my life on the white board and we were planning my business, something I had never done before. Social media, now, Rachael does not just talk about social media, she shows you how to maximize social media and has live stats and accounts to demonstrate the effectiveness of what she teaches. Thanks lady, I am on a journey to greater success because you listened and you showed me how.

    thumb Flo Pondrilei

In the digital world, attention is scarce.

You have <3 seconds to get the attention of your audience.

Whilst you scroll, what stands out more to you:

a) another ad from a local business telling you how amazing their products and services are

b) a fun Quiz to see which product/service is best for you from a local business you’re interested in

With Conversational Chatbots on Facebook & Instagram, you can engage your audience, find out which product/service is best suited to them, and stand out in a very crowded online marketplace.

Increase your conversion. Save Time. Have a little FUN




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